Prof. Mº Miguel Ángel Gómez-Martínez

Orchestra Conducting is the core and main area of the IMMC. Directed by Maestro Miguel Ángel Gómez-Martínez, this area endorses the methodologies of the Vienna School (University of Music and Dramatic Art of Vienna) advocated by the legendary Professor Hans Swarovsky, of whom Gómez-Martínez is direct successor. In its development all interwoven areas will converge towards the final objective: the direction of symphonic concerts and operas. GMIF will award the I International Orchestra Conducting Prize to the Active Participant who demonstrates greater technical, academic and artistic excellence.


Prof. Henrik Hochschild, Violins I
Prof. Anna Steckel, Violins II
Prof. Dorothea Hemken, Violas
Prof. Nicolas Defranoux, Celli
Prof. Waldemar Schwiertz, Double Basses
Prof. María Antonia Rodríguez, Woodwinds
Prof. Jonathan Müller, Brass
Prof. Raul Benavent, Percussion
Prof. Gabriella Victoria, Harps

Prof. María Saiz, Violins
Prof. Dragos A. Balan, Celli
Prof. Pilar Constancio, Woodwinds
Prof. César Asensi, Brass
Prof. José Luis González Sanchís, Percussion

The Orchestral Formation Area is an artistic challenge of the utmost importance. Not only because it means an unprecedented opportunity of specialized training for musicians who want to be part of a Symphonic Orchestra, but also because it will prove an excellent occasion for the encouragement and improvement of communication among people from very different cultures, their integration and mutual cooperation . This Area will offer to the participants the advantage of separated work by orchestral families of instruments with expert professors from the most prestigious orchestras in the world.


Prof. Mº Joaquín Achúcarro

The Solo Instrument in Orchestra Area, developed by musicians of high international prestige, will reinforce the participants with the most advanced interpretative and artistic techniques in the interpretation of recitals, most particularly on the performance of a Concerto for Soloist and Orchestra.


International Music Master Courses - FIGMAREA OF COMPOSITION

Prof. Mº D. Antón García Abril
Prof. Mº D. Cristóbal Halffter
Prof. Mº D. Tomás Marco
Prof. Mº D. José Nieto
Prof. Mº D. Lorenzo Palomo
Prof. Mº D. José Mª Sánchez-Verdú

The Composition Area, divided in Technique and Analysis, and History and Stylistic, will be directed by the most prestigious composers in all different music styles, and will include theoretical and practical classes of great interest in the fields of Composition and Orchestra Conducting.

International Music Master CoursesAREA OF CORREPETITION, LIED & ORATORIO

Prof. Borja Mariño – Correpetition
Prof. Edelmiro Arnaltes – Lied for Pianists and Singers

Correpetition, Lied and Oratorio area integrates two specialties: Correpetition and Lied for Pianists and Singers. While Correpetition, a novel specialty in its format and structure, offers a series of contents that in are not clearly defined or developed as such in our country, covering such a complex subject as is the rehearsal, staging and representation of an opera, Lied for Pianists and Singers will prepare the seldom in Lied repertoire and technique.

International Music Master Courses. Fundación Internacional Gómez-MartínezAREA OF OPERA SINGING

Prof. Ainhoa Arteta, Sopranos
Prof. Mª José Montiel, Mezzosopranos
Prof. Juan Jesús Rodríguez, Baritones
Prof. Paata Burchuladze, Basses

The Opera Singing will offer its Participants a direct and practical experience with the characteristics of operatic vocal performance, as well as an improvement in technique and dramatic interpretation that will culminate in the assembly and performance of an opera in concert.


The format and structure of the IMMC are absolutely original and differ from other proposals in form, content, goal, quality and length, working the theoretical concepts in constant application onto the real results of the interpretation of the repertoire in all musical disciplines

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