IMMC Orchestra Conducting Decalogue


1. – The IMMC Orchestra Conducting Course offers an exceptional formative workload. 220 hours of theoretical-practical classes at the helm of a big symphony orchestra -the Young International Philharmonic Orchestra- specifically formed for the IMMC. No other call in the world offers such an intensive workload.

2.- A 4-week intensive training including preparation and rehearsals of the three symphonic/opera concerts at the core of this unique experience.

3.- The IMMC Orchestra Conducting course addresses both symphonic and opera repertoires, focusing on such important works as Mahler’s Symphony No. 1, Puccini’s opera Il tabarro or Grieg’s Piano Concerto, among others, to fulfilll the needs of such demanding
artistic-formative enterprise

4.- There are very few calls around the world which count on a 120-strong grand symphony orchestra created ex novo as an artistic, pedagogical and professional platform to match the excellence of the programme.

5.- IMMC’s Orchestra Conducting studies are structured in an innovative way with classes and section-divided rehearsals, each of which will be directed by a specialist professor of the highest order. No other call is outlined or developed under such specific

6.- IMMC’s specially-priced Registration Fees are possible thanks to a special grant from the Gómez-Martínez International Foundation (GMIF). This allows admitted Active Participants to enjoy a very affordable price per class hour.

7.- IMMC’s Orchestra Conducting course will host the three scheduled concerts in beautiful historical scenarios/locales of the city of Madrid thanks to an exclusive collaboration agreement between the GMIF and public institutions of the Community of Madrid that endorse the originality and quality of the call.

8.- IMMC’s concerts will be recorded and broadcasted on radio and television, a first that has no parallel worldwide.

9.- Another appealing feature of the IMMC Orchestra Conducting course is the chance of participating in the I GMIF International Orchestra Conducting Award, whose endowments are of the highest artistic and curricular order.

10.- Participants of the IMMC’s Orchestra Conducting course will receive the Official Academic Certification in Orchestra Conducting and upon the basis of their excellence will be considered to receive the Certificate of Artistic Excellence, thanks to the participation of the prestigious Polytechnic University of Madrid.


* Jury will be formed by world-reknowned conductors and headed by Maestro Mr. Miguel Ángel Gómez-Martínez, IMMC’s General Director CMIM and President of the International Gómez-Martínez Foundation.

* Evaluation criteria will be the technical and artistic quality in Orchestral Conducting.

* Prize-winner of the I GMIF’s IPROC will conduct the Young International Philharmonic Orchestra on a recorded/broadcasted concert, and will be submitted to conduct the RTVE Symphony Orchestra and Choir and/ or other IMMC-associated orchestras as well.

* The GMIF reserves all recording and media rights as it deems appropriate.

* Admission to the GMIF’s IPROC supposes the acceptance of the bases.

* The non-participation in any of the actions attached to the Prize will be grounds for annulment thereof.

* The Jury’s decision is final.

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